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Stream Barge Electrofishing Systems

Easy-to-use solutions for sampling larger streams.

Boat system

Boat Electrofishing Systems

Proven, high-power performance over a wide range of conductivity

Backpack Electrofishing Systems

Portable, lightweight durability for streams.

We currently have over 600 backpack systems, 50 tow barge stream systems, and 270 boat systems in service throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Our systems offer continuously settable direct-dial controls, permitting quick viewing and changing of parameters and no wading through computer-style menus and buttons. We custom design each system to meet the real needs of your agency—reducing needless complexity, risk, and cost.

Quality and Innovation

Our systems were developed at the Engineering Technical Services department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Quality is our first priority. We select only proven components, and fully test all the systems.


We specialize in tailoring systems to meet our customers’ unique needs by selecting proven components, fully testing the system, and providing customer support that goes beyond the final inspection.

Proven and trusted

ETS Electrofishing Systems has provided electrofishing units to federal, state, and private agencies for over 30 years. We never obsolete our systems.  They are always repairable and upgradeable.  Serial no. 001 backpack is still in service.


Competitive pricing. You only pay for the features you want. We offer rush repair at no additional cost.

All of our systems are customizable to meet your needs. Tell us more about your requirements and we will be happy to send you a cost estimate.

We are proud to have served the following organizations and agencies

Michigan DNR
US Fish and Wildlife

Check out the list of the many other agencies we have served.